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” O ” The Beloved People Of Palestine
” O “The Treasured People Of Palestine
” O ” The Muslims’s Of Palestine
You Are The Teachers Of Dignity And Courage,
You Are The Architect Of Humanity And Its Voyage.
And My Soul Is Cheered Up And The Tears Were Flowing
While The Black Darkness Is All Around You
“Allow Me To Kneel Down
And Wash Your Wounds With My Tears
There Are No Fears”

As You Are Laying Down Your Lives On Truth.
I Wish I Kiss Your Heavenly Hands,
Which Are Fighting Against
The Present Yazids
Like Israel’s
While You Strive Hard
We Sit Inside Our Homes
And Ponder Like Fools
Thinking We Are Helpless
Talking Too Much And Doing Less
Walking To And Fro
Weening How To Help You
What To Do To rescue You
From The Evil Hands
“Your Pain Makes Me Cry
And Tears Are Shed From Eyes,
As I Listen Your Cries”

I Can Feel Your Pain Miles Away At Kashmir
” O ” The People Of Palestine
Tell Me What To Offer You
To Relieve Your Pain
Which I Feel
Thousand Miles Away At Kashmir
It Is A Fact That
We Have Become Mere Spectators
Who Remain Mum
While our Innocent Brothers Are Killed In Ton
So We Need Break Our Silence
To Shake The World
” O ” The People Of Palestine
Come Up With Flying Colours
Teach The World;
The Lessons Of Bravery, Steadiness, Firmness, Preservence, Truthfulness And Defence
Though The World Has Forgotten You
“Just With A Single Fist
You Can Bring The Yazidi Israel To The Dust
So The World Will Remember You Forever”

You Have Demonstrated That You Are The Birds In A Cage
Who Ready To Secure Their Independence And take revenge
You Chose Resistance Over Subjugation,
Decided Not Be Enslaved.
” O ” Allah We Seek Help From You
So ” O ” Allah Help Them In Their Divine Mission

Courtesy| Tajamul Aka XcEl BlaZe


If I Treat you like a princess,
Don’t be Astonished –
this is the least you should be treated as !!
If I Love you more than anything on this earth,
Don’t be Surprised –
This is the minimum you should get from me!!
If I value you more than my life,
Don’t Wonder –
This is the tiniest form of your worth !!
If I give you all my happiness and take all your sadness,
Don’t Appreciate –
This is what your existence demands !!
If I could, I would have loved you even after I have died,
but I know its not possible..
but until I am alive,
until I breath,
until my soul is in my body
The day of my death will be most saddeningfor me,
than for anybody else,
Because on that day I would know that
I will not be able to CARE you anymore !!

Courtesy| TAJAMUL

I saw a beautiful eye catching girl

Comming towards me with some angelic looks

Distracted me from my books

So pretty, so charming like a pearl

Me got stunned by her magic looks

Thought i couldn’t saw her pretty face

As she was shielded & velied frm feet to face

Even then i grazed at her

Only i could saw her smoky eyes

Which were as deep as oceans

Yet they were shining bright under the endless


As if asking some why’s

It seemed as if i answered her why’s

With my silent eyes

Wanna sink into ur deep sm0ky eyes

I went thr0ught her eyes to heart

May l0ng live ur eyes i th0ught

The dale of her heart was filled with inn0cence

But there was tender silence

Because of my presence

S0on this silence was br0ken

As i said “i luv u”

She replied in sweet but timid v0ice

There is n0 place for u

As there was hidden place for s0me0ne

Else rather than me

This made my eyes wet

Within no time my dreams shut

As if l0st i l0st everything in the dale

Which turned into a bale

When i came out of the dale

I found it was just illusi0n of my eyes

Thank God it was just illusi0n of eyes

i took a deep sigh of relief

As it was just illusi0n of eyes

Courtesy| Tahir (Writer At XCEL BLAZE)


Posted on: May 24, 2012

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